This week we start by talking some news regarding movies being cancelled or green-lighted, then discuss more “shit we watched,” including the fantastic, “The Haunting of Hill House”. We then discuss our move of the week: “Mid90s”, before getting into some ADDITIONAL stuff we watched.


0:00:25 Football
0:02:10 Boba Fett Cancelled
0:04:25 No Spike Lee for "Nightwatch"
0:07:15 Marvel 2020 Slate
0:09:45 "Halloween" comes to IMAX
0:11:47 Chris Rock Co-Parents Kevin Hart
0:15:44 Live action "My Hero Academia"
0:17:34 "Clueless" Reboot

Shit We Watched

0:19:49 Freddy on "The Goldbergs"
0:25:45 Mr. Mercedes
0:27:15 The Haunting of Hill House
0:37:19 Child's Play

Review (More Shit We Watched)

0:53:30 Mid90s
1:02:08 SPOILERS
1:08:52 Night of the Living Dead (SPOILERS)
1:11:46 The Walking Dead
1:20:24 Neon Demon