The Girl in the Spider's Web, The Grinch, and Overlord (RIP Stan Lee)


This week we start by discussing the death of Stan Lee, focusing on his legacy, and all of the great characters he created. We also talk about a couple upcoming movies/series we’re looking forward to. Jackson watched a few horror movies over the weekend, so he reviews those, and Alex finished “Castlevania” on Netflix.

We end the show by discussing the movies we saw in theaters this week: “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”, “The Grinch”, and “Overlord”.


0:00:38 Remembering Stan Lee
0:14:32 Remembering Hal
0:15:07 Breaking Bad movie
0:19:05 Loki series confirmed
0:24:09 Shrek Reboot
0:26:25 “Toy Story 4” teaser

Shit We Watched

0:27:35 The House of the Devil
0:31:51 A Dark Song
0:33:54 Suspiria (1977)
0:38:49 “Castlevania” finished
0:40:59 Transcendence


0:50:44 The Girl in the Spider's Web
0:55:10 The Grinch (2018)
1:00:10 Overlord
1:06:44 SPOILERS