Fantastic Beasts 2, Widows, and Boy Erased


We’re light on news this week, so we briefly discussed Bill Maher’s comments on the death of Stan Lee and a few trailers. We each watched a movie the other person had seen this week, and we discuss those films in our “Shit We Watched” segment, before getting into “Boy Erased”, “Widows”, and the latest film in the “Fantastic Beasts” series.


0:00:26 Bill Maher can go F himself
0:07:10 “Detective Pikachu” trailer
0:09:13 “The Mandelorian” casting
0:10:43 “Venom” at $780 mil

Shit We Watched

0:12:49 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
0:17:28 You Were Never Really Here
0:19:23 SPOILERS
0:23:19 Robin Hood Predictions
0:25:55 May


0:32:13 Boy Erased
0:37:43 SPOILERS
0:43:12 Widows
0:53:16 SPOILERS
1:07:18 Fantastic Beasts 2
1:13:25 SPOILERS