Creed II, Green Book, and Robin Hood


This week on the show…

A trailer for the new Lion King flick dropped this week, so we discuss that to kick off the show. Jackson watched a couple more items from Netflix’s original content library, and gives his review of those. We then review some new releases.


0:00:50 Lion King trailer
0:04:06 JK Simmons doubts return as Gordon
0:06:21 Two Sony Marvel Movies for 2020
0:07:58 "Once Upon a Deadpool" Controversy
0:11:30 "Paddington" director to direct Time's Fool
0:13:34 "Aquaman" and "Into the Spiderverse" twitter reactions

Shit We Watched

0:15:05 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
0:19:16 "House of Cards" Final Season
0:22:28 SPOILERS


0:25:19 The Front Runner
0:31:04 Green Book
0:34:37 SPOILERS
0:51:38 Creed II
0:56:39 SPOILERS
1:09:01 Robin Hood SPOILERS... but it doesn't matter.