BONUS December Preview Episode, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and The Possession of Hanna Grace

We’ve got two episodes for you this week, so make sure you listen to them both, and let us know how you like our content. If you like it, we’ll keep on doing it.


We’re trying something new this week, and previewing some of the movies we are excited (or REALLY not excited) to see including “The Mule”, “Aquaman”, “Welcome to Marwen”, and more!



This week on the show, we start by talking about a film adaptation of one of Jackson’s favorite video game franchises, before diving into a bunch of Marvel news. We then discuss “The Raid: Redemption”, the first Rambo movie, and Alice and Wonderland. Finally, we review a couple of movies we saw in theaters this week: “The Possession of Hannah Grace” and “Ralph Breaks the Internet”. Enjoy!


0:00:40 “Gears of War” movie being penned
0:04:12 “Candyman” by Jordan Peele is coming
0:06:00 “Pinocchio” live action by “Paddington” director
0:09:24 “Daredevil” Cancelled
0:14:23 Shang Chi movie coming
0:16:12 Chris Evans not done with Cap?
0:17:48 “Captain Marvel” trailer 2

Shit We Watched

0:25:09 Alice in Wonderland (classic)
0:30:31 The Raid Redemption (SPOILERS)
0:38:13 First Blood
0:42:37 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
0:45:02 (SPOILERS)


0:49:41 The Possession of Hannah Grace (SPOILERS)
1:08:32 Ralph Breaks the Internet
1:14:00 SPOILERS