Skyscraper, Three Identical Strangers, and Leave No Trace


On this week's episode, we discuss a bunch of comic book news, as well as some controversy involving Scarlett Johansson backing out of an acting role.  We then get into the reviews, where Jackson watched two Halloween movies, "Skyscraper", and "Three Identical Strangers", and we both saw "Leave No Trace".


0:01:14 Billy Dee Williams joining Episode IX
0:06:14 Venom Seperate from MCU
0:09:39 "Zombieland" sequel official
0:11:52 "Robocop Returns" is coming
0:16:16 Joker Origin Movie officially announced
0:16:45 Black Widow movie finds director
0:18:28 Jeremy Renner joins Spawn
0:21:30 Scarlett Johanssen drops trans role
0:33:49 Box Office Review


0:35:53 "Skyscraper" Spoiler Free
0:45:15 "Three Identical Strangers" Spoiler Free
0:48:16 "Halloween H2O" and "Halloween Resurrection"
0:55:52 "Leave No Trace" Spoiler Free
1:03:29 SPOILERS