Papillon and The Happytime Murders


This week on the show, we discuss "Crazy Rich Asians" crushing it at the box office, some casting news, and get into the whole James Gunn fiasco at Disney, before reviewing a few movies.  We both saw "The Happytime Murders" this week, which was as good as we expected it would be.


0:00:27 Box Office
0:07:34 Top Gun 2 casting
0:11:37 Mila Kunis on possible superhero roles
0:14:23 Oscar Isaac approached by WB for a role in Batman
0:15:43 Guardians 3 officially delayed


0:32:59 The Runaways
0:37:14 Truth or Dare
0:51:19 Papillon
0:56:43 The Happytime Murders (SPOILERS....we're doing you a favor)