M. Night Discussion


This week on the show, we discussed some upcoming sequels (and a prequel), before diving into a discussion on M. Night Shyamalan: Is he a good director or is he still living off of his success from “The Sixth Sense”.


0:00:57 Two new M:I announced
0:07:40 Sopranos prequel
0:08:20 Coming 2 America
0:11:10 "Spider-Man: Far From Home" trailer
0:16:44 "Glass" getting mixed Reviews
0:17:59 "Captain Marvel" tracking for $140-$160 mil OW

Shit We Watched

0:25:07 Tidying Up with Marie Kondo
0:27:22 Kim's Convenience
0:29:43 Surviving R. Kelly
0:31:05 "Ray Donovan" new season
0:31:49 "True Detective" season 3
0:33:43 Apostle
0:36:33 SPOILERS
0:45:27 The Clovehitch Killer
0:46:49 Escape Room (SPOILERS)


0:51:46 Shyamalan: Behind the Twist
(SPOILERS for all the twists)