Oscar Nominations: Did the academy get it right?

"Professor X told me to start a school for little kids I can touch..."


This week we start with a bunch of prequel/sequel news (again), and discuss the new allegations against Bryan Singer, before getting into a bunch of shit we watched this week (we both finally watched “Gotti”), and then discussing our topic of the week: The Oscars.



0:00:42 Baldwin and Cavill back to M:I
0:02:27 James Gandolfini's son in Sopranos prequel
0:03:24 Original Ghostbusters sequel
0:07:26 Bumblebee sequel
0:09:45 John Wick 3 trailer
0:13:10 Bryan Singer allegations

Shit We Watched

0:20:06 The Office Final 2 Seasons
0:24:42 R. Kelly cont'd
0:27:49 Kim's Convenience
0:28:59 Dragon Ball Super: Broly
0:33:14 I am Wrath
0:38:12 Destination Wedding
0:41:31 Gotti

Weekly Topic

0:53:25 The Oscars