Bird Box and Vice


This week on the show, we ship through the news, talk about a TON of shit we watched, and then review both “Bird Box” and “Vice”


0:01:30 “Aquaman” may hit 1 billion worldwide
0:03:00 “Glass” box office projections
0:04:02 “Bird Box” viewings
0:04:45 David Harbour's “Hellboy” to be "Grittier"
0:05:39 Ellen stands up for Kevin Hart

Shit We Watched

0:07:29 The Iron Giant
0:09:12 “Voltron” Final Season
0:11:34 Apostle
0:17:08 Paddington 2
0:23:03 Eighth Grade
0:26:23 Won't You Be My Neighbor
0:27:48 Sorry To Bother You

The Bridge…

0:35:30 Bird Box
0:40:25 SPOILERS


0:56:17 Mary Poppins Returns
0:59:42 Vice
1:14:26 The Office