Bad Trailers = Bad Buzz

"It sounds like the music doesn't even want to be there…"


This week on the show, we start with some news on the Oscars before getting into “Shit We Watched.” We then discuss the latest trailers for “Pet Sematary”, “Aladdin”, and “Child’s Play”, which are all being shit on pretty heavily by everyone who has seen them. Enjoy!


0:01:28 The Oscars still suck
0:06:52 Aquaman spinoff swims free
0:08:34 Deadpool remains rated R
0:09:57 Jared Leto stares at his phone
0:12:03 Power Rangers Reboot
0:16:55 Lego Movie 2 Box Office
0:18:03 R-rated Marvel Cartoons

Shit We Watched

0:21:47 Kingdom
0:27:52 Punisher season 2
0:32:08 True Detective Season 3
0:34:03 Russian Doll
0:37:16 Ted Bundy Tapes


0:42:30 Movies with bad buzz before release