Anime Adaptations: Why Do They Fail?

"I'm glad I don't have a lesser sphincter…"


This week on the show, we talk good and bad cancellations, some more “Dune” casting news, and a bunch of shit we watched before discussing why anime adaptations usually stink. Enjoy!


0:02:29 Captain Marvel projections and trolls
0:06:10 Punisher and Jessica Jones cancelled
0:08:33 Counterpart cancelled
0:14:23 Jack Ryan renewed for third season
0:16:40 Fraiser revival in the works
0:19:58 Loki's Quantum Leap
0:22:38 Star Wars' forced hug
0:25:37 Jared Leto Joker cancelled
0:26:18 Jason Mamosa and Brolin join Dune
0:28:17 Zachary Levi's dismay over Thor franchise
0:30:16 The Oscars backdown...again

Shit We Watched

0:34:31 Cold Pursuit
0:38:37 Rough Night
0:43:52 Free Solo
0:50:26 The Umbrella Academy
0:54:26 The Wandering Earth
1:00:27 Burning


1:04:44 Anime Adaptations: Why Do They Fail?