Film Adaptations: What Deserves Another Shot?

“Look at all the Jews he saved…”


This week on the show we discuss a ton of news, including Liam Neeson’s hunting for a “black bastard” years ago. We then get into a few things we each watched, before discussing which adaptations deserve another shot, featuring DBZ, “1984”, “The Dark Tower”, and “The Time Machine”. Enjoy!


0:00:54 Liam Neeson was… “Taken”… by racism?
0:07:56 Bill Maher is still a douche
0:15:54 "The Big Game" review and trailers
0:29:54 Taika won't do Guardians 3, still talking with Marvel?
0:34:50 X-Men Movies in pre-production cancelled
0:36:30 Ben Affleck is out as Batman
0:37:55 Stephen King loves “The Stand”
0:42:35 Denise Villanueve the “Dune” remake

Shit We Watched

0:47:03 How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2
0:49:38 Happy Death Day
0:51:45 Punisher S2 cont'd
0:55:06 Mississippi Grind
0:58:02 Across the Universe
1:01:43 The Hole in the Ground
1:05:14 Destroyer


1:07:21 Adaptations That Deserve Another Shot