Troll 2 is Really Bad

“A pat on the black…”


This week on the show, we start with a few words on the death of Joe Pilato, talk some news (A DARK TOWER SERIES IS COMING!), shoot the shit on some trailers, get into a whole bunch of “Shit We Watched”, and then talk about one of the worst movies ever: “Troll 2”. Enjoy!



RIP Joe Pilato


0:02:24 Us opens to $70 mil
0:03:14 Dark Tower Amazon series coming
0:04:20 Avi Arad is still a douche
0:05:40 Zack Snyder still thinks you're too dumb to understand his movies

Trailer Time

0:14:10 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
0:15:14 Lucy In The Sky
0:17:18 John Wick 3
0:22:41 Stranger Things 3

Shit We Watched

0:24:32 A Vigilante
0:25:34 Rillington Place
0:27:17 Phantasm
0:28:43 Old Man and the Gun
0:30:15 The Prowler
0:33:10 Sorority Babes and the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
0:35:51 Can You Ever Forgive Me
0:38:45 Daughters of Darkness
0:41:27 Critters: A New Binge
0:43:08 The Last Dragon
0:45:33 The Witch in the Window
0:47:39 Dogtooth
0:51:41 Triple Frontier


1:02:16 Troll 2