Bored and Annoyed with Buddy Cop Movies

"The whole roll of movies…”

This week we’re discussing buddy cop movies in honor of the release of “Stuber”. This includes a review of the classic “48 Hrs.” starring Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy.


0:02:29 Taika returning for Thor 4
0:04:24 Avengers Endgame closing in on Avatar
0:05:37 Lashana Lynch new 007????
0:07:00 Chrisoph Waltz returning to Bond
0:10:55 Power Rangers reboot
0:13:10 Lion King Reviews Arrive....


0:14:38 Buddy Cop Movies (feat. 48 Hours)
0:27:29 Stuber
0:31:35 SPOILERS

Shit We Watched

0:42:21 Crawl
0:49:45 Neon Genesis Evangelion concluded
0:55:16 Curb Your Enthusiasm again
1:00:03 Lady in the Water
1:09:49 Another 48 Hours