Bored and Annoyed with Homb's Favorite Movies: "Drive"

"So good it doesn’t need a sequel…"

This week we recorded our first ever “Favorite Movies” episode, focusing on one of Homb’s favorites: “Drive”. We also talked a little music as Jackson gave he thoughts on the latest album from Nu-Metal pioneers, “Slipknot”. Enjoy!


0:01:44 Harry Styles turns down Little Mermaid
0:03:10 The Hunt is cancelled
0:09:40 Aladdin Sequel coming?
0:10:37 Searching sequel in pre-production
0:12:45 Disney wants Deadpool to be rating flexible
0:15:10 Taika Waititi secret project with Fox Searchlight


0:16:24 Drive
0:29:00 SPOILERS

Shit We Watched

0:45:23 Clash of the Titans
0:47:57 Smart People
0:52:36 Slipknot
1:05:17 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
1:09:34 Return of the King