A Nightmare on Elm Street

Top 10 Marvel Movies

"I'll take a little nip when I can get it"

This week, in preparation for “Avengers: Endgame”, we list what we believe to be the top 10 Marvel movies ever made (non-MCU included). We also talk about a couple of new trailers (including that awful new Chucky preview), and Jackson saw La Llorona so he discusses that pile of shit.


0:01:18 John Cena in Suicide Squad 2
0:02:39 Swamp Thing season stops filming prematurely
0:04:41 Taika Waititi doing Akira?
0:05:39 La Llarona wins the weekend
0:06:39 Man watches Captain Marvel 116 times
0:09:32 Trailer Time (Childs Play, Gemini Man, Anna)
0:16:11 Mouse Guard shut down by Disney
0:18:37 Avengers Endgame presales results, early reactions, and premiere news

Shit We Watched

24:09 Santa Clarita Diet
27:40 Videodrome and Society
33:12 The Favourite
38:11 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
40:10 Infinity War
41:30 The Curse of La Llorona
54:08 GoT Episode 2


1:13:03 Top 10 Marvel Movies



Halloween (2018)


In this week’s episode, we discuss more (annoying) DC news, Freddy’s “BIG BREAK IN TV,” and a bunch of Netflix stuff. Jackson saw “Slice” and “The Old Man & the Gun”, so he discusses those movies. We then jump into the highly anticipated “Halloween” (2018)!

NOTE: Don’t forget to also check out our BONUS EPISODE from last week, where we discussed the first three films in the original “Halloween” franchise!


0:00:27 Halloween Box Office
0:04:01 Wonder Woman 2 pushed to summer 2020
0:06:51 Luke Cage cancelled
0:12:08 Freddy Krueger comes to TV

Shit We Watched

0:15:48 The Walking Dead
0:24:16 Daredevil Season 3
0:33:30 The Haunting of Hill House
0:38:15 Maniac
0:42:34 Making A Murderer Season 2


0:46:16 Slice
0:52:40 The Old Man and the Gun (SPOILERS)
0:57:31 Halloween
1:03:59 SPOILERS