Keanu-Off: Which Keanu Character is truly... "The One?"


This week on the show, we discuss a bunch of news, including the exciting announcement that Chris Hemsworth has been tagged with playing “The Hulkster” in an upcoming biopic. We then talk about a few movies we watched, including the theatrical releases: “Arctic” and “Happy Death Day 2U”. To end the show, we discuss which Keanu Reeves character would win in a no holds barred fight to the death. Enjoy!


0:01:34 Rotten Tomatoes removes "Want to See" aspect of site
0:02:34 Brie Larson clarifies comments
0:08:32 Zachary Levi takes on the trolls
0:11:20 Thank you China for saving Alita
0:12:53 Thor is Hulk Hogan
0:15:09 Obi-Wan tv series coming to Disney+
0:20:26 Time-Warner/AT&T merger goes through
0:23:11 Space Jam 2 coming summer 2021

Shit We Watched

0:23:49 Happy Death Day 2 U
0:25:57 Kingdom
0:29:39 Arctic
0:34:00 The Last Dragon


0:37:29 Which Keanu Reeves Character is truly... “The One?”

First Reformed, Tag, and Incredibles 2

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This week we discuss some DC set photos from their two upcoming movies, the weekend box office results ("Incredibles 2" broke a record), get into some feminist comments from prominent actresses, briefly touch on the AT&T/Time Warner merger, and talk about the Dumbo trailer.  We then review three movies, including the smash hit "Incredibles 2".


0:00:45 Aquaman Photos
0:04:09 Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photos
0:05:32 Weekend Box Office
0:09:31 Brie Larson on White Male Film Critcs
0:22:21 Oceans 8 Female Cast Claims
0:32:55 AT&T Time-Warner merger
0:37:20 Dumbo Trailer


0:39:02 First Reformed
0:42:43 Spoilers
0:53:49 TAG
1:01:18 SPOILERS
1:05:23 Incredibles 2
1:14:34 SPOILERS