Bad Boys

Bored and Annoyed with Tarantino

"Worse and more ridiculous”

We finally got around to seeing Tarantino’s latest film this week, so we review it, and use the opportunity to discuss his career as a whole. Enjoy!


0:02:12 Trailer Time (Bad Boys for Life, The Mandalorian, Rise of Skywalker)
0:15:50 Obi-Wan Disney+ series
0:20:24 Marvel D23 news
0:24:18 Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer 2
0:26:04 Joker Reviews are great


0:30:43 Bored and Annoyed with: Tarantino
0:36:46 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Review
0:45:27 SPOILERS

Shit We Watched

0:54:27 Cheers
0:57:51 Glow Season 3
1:00:02 Ready or Not
1:01:24 Peanut Butter Falcon
1:03:24 Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
1:06:00 Booksmart
1:07:24 Firefly
1:11:48 Madman
1:13:22 The Changeling
1:14:59 The Witch