Conan the Barbarian

Avengers: Endgame Predictions

"Just keep feeding the algorithm"


This week on the show, we discussed a bunch of news, including the ANNOYING revelation that GRRM doesn’t know the ending for the GoT series., Jackson checked out “Shudder” and watched a whole shit load of stuff, and we talked about what we think is going to happen in the conclusion of the Avengers saga!


0:00:48 Captain Marvel BO
0:04:07 George doesn't know GoT ending
0:05:48 Iger says Fox banner will still be used in the future
0:09:14 Brian K Vaughn to write live action Gundam
0:10:10 Idris Elba may be new Deadshot
0:12:53 Arnold wants Old Man Conan

Shit We Watched

0:16:19 New Segment: Jackson watched way too much shit and I'm not doing the time stamps for all that shit…

Featuring: Shudder, “A Discovery of Witches”, “Revenge”, “Beast”, “Summer of 84”, “Apollo 11”, “Tourist Trap”, “Paddleton”, and more!


0:48:38 Avengers Predictions
1:10:44 SPOILERS for Captain Marvel