Bored and Annoyed with Homb's Favorite Movies: "Drive"

"So good it doesn’t need a sequel…"

This week we recorded our first ever “Favorite Movies” episode, focusing on one of Homb’s favorites: “Drive”. We also talked a little music as Jackson gave he thoughts on the latest album from Nu-Metal pioneers, “Slipknot”. Enjoy!


0:01:44 Harry Styles turns down Little Mermaid
0:03:10 The Hunt is cancelled
0:09:40 Aladdin Sequel coming?
0:10:37 Searching sequel in pre-production
0:12:45 Disney wants Deadpool to be rating flexible
0:15:10 Taika Waititi secret project with Fox Searchlight


0:16:24 Drive
0:29:00 SPOILERS

Shit We Watched

0:45:23 Clash of the Titans
0:47:57 Smart People
0:52:36 Slipknot
1:05:17 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
1:09:34 Return of the King


Deadpool 3 Pitches

"Oh Brother, I'm so bored and annoyed with churning the butter."

This week on the show, we discuss what Disney should do for “Deadpool 3”. We also talk about Dumbo’s box office take being (deservedly) underwhelming, more news on “A Quiet Place 2,” and a bunch of “Shit We Watched” this week. Enjoy!


0:00:40 Dumbo doesn't soar at the Box Office
0:02:53 Mark Hamill is Chucky
0:05:49 Leto back as Joker?
0:07:56 Cillian Murphy joins A Quiet Place 2
0:09:04 Spielberg v Streaming
0:11:50 Avengers Endgame breaks records

Shit We Watched

0:22:07 The Highwaymen
0:27:47 CHUD
0:29:44 Blood Feast
0:32:58 Wild at Heart
0:40:30 Basket Case
0:43:39 Re-Animator
0:44:46 Demons
0:46:08 My Hero Academia
0:47:37 Dumbo
0:55:23 What We Do In The Shadows (Pilot)


0:59:14 Deadpool 3 Pitches



Deadpool 2


(Apologies for Jackson's mic level being too high! Turn the bass down a bit if it annoys you.)

This week on Bored and Annoyed, we get into a bit of news, including the likely casting of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in the Spider-Man Homecoming sequel.  They then get into some reviews, including a couple of stinkers and this week's main review: Deadpool 2.


00:21 John Wick 3 Release Date
02:18 Deadpool 2 Weekend Box Office
06:08 Infinity War Box Office
06:51 Mowgli Trailer Drops
13:11 Jake Gyllenhaal Homecoming Sequel


19:27 The Happytime Murders


25:11 The Commuter
32:47 Fahrenheit 451
38:04 Psychokinesis
42:39 Spring
46:58 Deadpool 2 Review (Spoiler Free)
54:46 Deadpool 2 SPOILERS
1:15:47 Next Week Preview (STAR WARS Week!)