Deadpool 3 Pitches

"Oh Brother, I'm so bored and annoyed with churning the butter."

This week on the show, we discuss what Disney should do for “Deadpool 3”. We also talk about Dumbo’s box office take being (deservedly) underwhelming, more news on “A Quiet Place 2,” and a bunch of “Shit We Watched” this week. Enjoy!


0:00:40 Dumbo doesn't soar at the Box Office
0:02:53 Mark Hamill is Chucky
0:05:49 Leto back as Joker?
0:07:56 Cillian Murphy joins A Quiet Place 2
0:09:04 Spielberg v Streaming
0:11:50 Avengers Endgame breaks records

Shit We Watched

0:22:07 The Highwaymen
0:27:47 CHUD
0:29:44 Blood Feast
0:32:58 Wild at Heart
0:40:30 Basket Case
0:43:39 Re-Animator
0:44:46 Demons
0:46:08 My Hero Academia
0:47:37 Dumbo
0:55:23 What We Do In The Shadows (Pilot)


0:59:14 Deadpool 3 Pitches



First Reformed, Tag, and Incredibles 2

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This week we discuss some DC set photos from their two upcoming movies, the weekend box office results ("Incredibles 2" broke a record), get into some feminist comments from prominent actresses, briefly touch on the AT&T/Time Warner merger, and talk about the Dumbo trailer.  We then review three movies, including the smash hit "Incredibles 2".


0:00:45 Aquaman Photos
0:04:09 Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photos
0:05:32 Weekend Box Office
0:09:31 Brie Larson on White Male Film Critcs
0:22:21 Oceans 8 Female Cast Claims
0:32:55 AT&T Time-Warner merger
0:37:20 Dumbo Trailer


0:39:02 First Reformed
0:42:43 Spoilers
0:53:49 TAG
1:01:18 SPOILERS
1:05:23 Incredibles 2
1:14:34 SPOILERS