Bored and Annoyed with Tarantino

"Worse and more ridiculous”

We finally got around to seeing Tarantino’s latest film this week, so we review it, and use the opportunity to discuss his career as a whole. Enjoy!


0:02:12 Trailer Time (Bad Boys for Life, The Mandalorian, Rise of Skywalker)
0:15:50 Obi-Wan Disney+ series
0:20:24 Marvel D23 news
0:24:18 Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer 2
0:26:04 Joker Reviews are great


0:30:43 Bored and Annoyed with: Tarantino
0:36:46 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Review
0:45:27 SPOILERS

Shit We Watched

0:54:27 Cheers
0:57:51 Glow Season 3
1:00:02 Ready or Not
1:01:24 Peanut Butter Falcon
1:03:24 Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
1:06:00 Booksmart
1:07:24 Firefly
1:11:48 Madman
1:13:22 The Changeling
1:14:59 The Witch


BlacKkKlansman and The Meg


This week kicks off with us discussing a giveaway, with info on how you can win a digital copy of "The Avengers: Infinity War", before getting into some Blu-Ray related pet peeves that Jackson has.  We then get into some news, including another woman being bullied on twitter because of a role she decided to take, and the return of one of the most beloved Captains ever put on the small screen.  Finally, we get into our reviews for the week: "BlacKkKlansman" and "The Meg".


0:01:11 Blu-Ray Drama (feat. Chris Nolan)
0:11:00 More James Gunn news
0:13:21 Ruby Rose as Batwoman
0:18:11 Star Trek losing two actors named Chris/ bringing back Patrick Stewart


0:26:09 Sharp Objects
0:30:57 Parks and Rec
0:32:40 Orange is the New Black
0:36:12 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
0:39:01 Flavors of Youth
0:41:15 Glow Season 2
0:43:41 Voltron Season 7
0:47:39 BlackKklansman
0:56:15 Spoilers
1:17:47 The Meg (Spoilers but does it really matter? Really?)

Jaws, American Animals, and Sicario: Day of the Soldado

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This week on the show, we briefly touch on a few bits of news and then get right into the reviews.  This week Jackson finished off the Netflix series: "The Staircase", while Alex watched another Netflix series: "Glow".  Alex also finally got around to seeing "Hell or High Water", as well as Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson's "Spring".  We also talk some "Jaws", "American Animals", and our main review of the week: "Sicario: Day of the Soldado".


0:01:05 Jared Leto cast as Morbius The Living Vampire
0:06:45 Sonic casts Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik
0:09:09 Indiana Jones 4 delayed for rewrites
0:12:23 Ant-Man and The Wasp getting positive reviews
0:13:43 Todd McFarlane wants a Venom/Spawn crossover


0:20:01 The Staircase
0:26:32 Luke Cage Episode 1-2
0:31:42 Hell or High Water (SPOILER FREE)
0:38:02 JAWS
0:46:54 American Animals
0:51:25 Glow Season 2
0:54:56 Spring (SPOILER FREE)
1:00:16 Sicario 2 (SPOILER FREE)
1:13:26 SPOILERS