Good Boys

Bored and Annoyed with Sony

"Keanu is so hot right now…"

This week we say R.I.P to our resident shill, as Spider-Man has been taken from the MCU. Who do we blame? How does the MCU handle it? We discuss…


0:01:55 Kevin Smith He-Man anime
0:06:56 Matrix 4
0:17:53 Bond: No Time To Die
0:21:43 Jason Mamoa saw the Snyder Cut of Justice League
0:26:20 Sony re-releasing Far From Home with new footage
0:27:36 Dawn of the Dead 4k Bluray is coming


0:28:37 Spider-man out of the MCU


0:55:01 The Boys
1:02:45 SPOILERS

Shit We Watched

1:21:53 83 Weeks podcast
1:23:32 Good Boys
1:27:12 Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
1:30:23 Why Horror?
1:32:53 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge