Halloween (2018)


In this week’s episode, we discuss more (annoying) DC news, Freddy’s “BIG BREAK IN TV,” and a bunch of Netflix stuff. Jackson saw “Slice” and “The Old Man & the Gun”, so he discusses those movies. We then jump into the highly anticipated “Halloween” (2018)!

NOTE: Don’t forget to also check out our BONUS EPISODE from last week, where we discussed the first three films in the original “Halloween” franchise!


0:00:27 Halloween Box Office
0:04:01 Wonder Woman 2 pushed to summer 2020
0:06:51 Luke Cage cancelled
0:12:08 Freddy Krueger comes to TV

Shit We Watched

0:15:48 The Walking Dead
0:24:16 Daredevil Season 3
0:33:30 The Haunting of Hill House
0:38:15 Maniac
0:42:34 Making A Murderer Season 2


0:46:16 Slice
0:52:40 The Old Man and the Gun (SPOILERS)
0:57:31 Halloween
1:03:59 SPOILERS

Operation Finale, The Little Stranger, and The Nun


This week kicks off with Jackson’s recap of the Lions performance on Monday Night Football before getting into a BUNCH of movie news/topics. We then discuss what we watched at home this week, and finish Alex’s three part review of “Transformers: The Last Knight”, before getting into the movie reviews for the week. We both saw, “The Nun”, and Jackson saw a couple extra movies.

How ‘bout Them Lions!

0:00:21 Football Recap: How 'Bout Them Lions Part 1


0:07:44 Oscars postpone "Best Popular Film"
0:10:52 Marvel crosses 4 billion at the BO this year
0:15:51 Captain Marvel first look
0:18:20 Henry Cavill joins Netflix's The Witcher
0:20:13 New “Halloween” trailer
0:22:43 “The Predator” sex offender problem
0:28:38 Marvel bringing more female superheroes to the big screen
0:36:29 Idris Elba blasted for representation comments


0:39:29 Sharp Objects
0:41:50 Ozark
0:43:06 The Hunt for Red October
0:48:21 “Iron Fist” Season 2
0:53:36 SPOILERS
0:59:10 Transformers: The Last Knight (THE END)
1:15:51 Operation Finale
1:20:20 The Little Stranger
1:25:57 The Nun

Skyscraper, Three Identical Strangers, and Leave No Trace


On this week's episode, we discuss a bunch of comic book news, as well as some controversy involving Scarlett Johansson backing out of an acting role.  We then get into the reviews, where Jackson watched two Halloween movies, "Skyscraper", and "Three Identical Strangers", and we both saw "Leave No Trace".


0:01:14 Billy Dee Williams joining Episode IX
0:06:14 Venom Seperate from MCU
0:09:39 "Zombieland" sequel official
0:11:52 "Robocop Returns" is coming
0:16:16 Joker Origin Movie officially announced
0:16:45 Black Widow movie finds director
0:18:28 Jeremy Renner joins Spawn
0:21:30 Scarlett Johanssen drops trans role
0:33:49 Box Office Review


0:35:53 "Skyscraper" Spoiler Free
0:45:15 "Three Identical Strangers" Spoiler Free
0:48:16 "Halloween H2O" and "Halloween Resurrection"
0:55:52 "Leave No Trace" Spoiler Free
1:03:29 SPOILERS

Hotel Artemis and Hereditary

This week we got a little carried away talking about Jackson's favorite film so far this year: "Hereditary", so we decided to split the podcast into two episodes.  Enjoy!

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We begin this week's first episode by discussing some trailers that dropped recently (Halloween, El Royale, Mortal Engines, Spider-Man), and then get into some news.  Jackson saw "Ocean's 8", so he gives his quick review of that movie.  We finish off the episode by discussing "Hotel Artemis".


0:00:39 Bad Times at the El Royale
0:02:59 Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse
0:07:00 Mortal Engines
0:10:43 Halloween


0:15:44 Box Office Rundown
0:20:13 IT Chapter 2 Casting
0:22:21 Jared Leto Joker Spin-off Film
0:24:49 John Lasseter Leaving Pixar
0:25:59 Kelly Marie Tran Leaves Instagram (Bullying Discussion)


0:45:16 Ocean's 8
0:48:08 Hotel Artemis
0:55:53 Hotel Artemis (Spoilers) 


Our bonus episode this week is all about the devisive new horror film: "Hereditary"

0:00:01 Hereditary
0:11:53 Hereditary (Spoilers)