Are Biopics Inherently Boring?

"Edgar Rice Burroughs was the nephew....THE WHOLE TIME!"

We saw the Ted Bundy and J.R.R. Tolkien biopics this week, and decided to discuss the genre at large. Are they inherently boring? Or is it possible to create one with style? Take a listen to find out!


0:01:26 RIP Peter Mayhew
0:03:34 Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer
0:09:51 Sonic Trailer
0:16:58 IT: Chapter 2 Trailer
0:20:30 Endgame BO update
0:23:31 Disney Release slate
0:24:47 Batman Pushed to 2020 production date
0:25:44 Amy Pascal leaves Sony for Universal

Shit We Watched

0:29:40 Manhunt: Unabomber
0:32:56 Kill the Messenger
0:37:09 Ben is Back
0:40:17 Little Woods
0:43:03 Long Shot
0:51:36 Tolkien
0:55:07 Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 SPOILERS
1:10:05 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile


1:22:34 Are Biopics Inherently Boring?



Hotel Artemis and Hereditary

This week we got a little carried away talking about Jackson's favorite film so far this year: "Hereditary", so we decided to split the podcast into two episodes.  Enjoy!

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We begin this week's first episode by discussing some trailers that dropped recently (Halloween, El Royale, Mortal Engines, Spider-Man), and then get into some news.  Jackson saw "Ocean's 8", so he gives his quick review of that movie.  We finish off the episode by discussing "Hotel Artemis".


0:00:39 Bad Times at the El Royale
0:02:59 Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse
0:07:00 Mortal Engines
0:10:43 Halloween


0:15:44 Box Office Rundown
0:20:13 IT Chapter 2 Casting
0:22:21 Jared Leto Joker Spin-off Film
0:24:49 John Lasseter Leaving Pixar
0:25:59 Kelly Marie Tran Leaves Instagram (Bullying Discussion)


0:45:16 Ocean's 8
0:48:08 Hotel Artemis
0:55:53 Hotel Artemis (Spoilers) 


Our bonus episode this week is all about the devisive new horror film: "Hereditary"

0:00:01 Hereditary
0:11:53 Hereditary (Spoilers)