Jessica Jones

Bored and Annoyed... with Toys

"I'm a doll no one would ever buy"

This week we talk Chucky and Woody before getting into a long (spoiler free) discussion of the best show you’re not watching: “Dark”.


0:02:04 Taika Future Projects
0:04:52 Robert Englund Freddy Again?
0:05:50 Exciting Rotten Tomatoes Scores
0:08:33 Taskmaster in Black Widow?
0:10:51 Matrix Reboot?
0:13:28 Space Jam 2 upsets Charles Barkley

Trailer Time

0:16:22 Trailer Time (Charlies Angles and Doctor Sleep)


0:23:19 Child's Play (2019) SPOILERS
0:36:10 Toy Story 4 (spoiler free)

Shit We Watched

0:48:04 Always Be My Maybe
0:56:40 Jessica Jones Season 3
1:01:33 Neon Genesis Evangelion
1:02:46 Dark Season 1 (Spoiler Free)



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This week we delve deep into the movie "Rampage", Jackson gives his thoughts on the finale of "The Walking Dead" (spoiler: it's not that bad) and the film "Beirut", and we discuss the insane box office projections for the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War". 

TV Show Review
00:30 The Walking Dead Finale

07:00 Infinity War Box Office projections 07:00
08:20 Jessica Jones Season 3 Announced 08:20
09:24 Stan Lee Elder Abuse 09:24
14:34 Box Office recap 14:34

16:42 Upgrade
18:30 Hotel Artimas

Movie Reviews
19:34 Beruit
27:02 Rampage

Thoroughbreds and Ready Player One

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This week we review "Thoroughbreds" and Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One".  We also dive into some news, and discuss a couple of terrible television shows/movies.

00:35 X-Men Reshoots
02:47 Taika Waititi's New Film
05:56 Jurassic World 3

TV Reviews
08:28 Krypton
13:10 Jessica Jones Season 2
16:30 Jessica Jones Season 2 (SPOILERS)

Movie Reviews
23:10 Pitch Perfect 3
25:24 Pacific Rim 2 Uprising (Spoilers...but it really doesn't matter)
40:40 The Greatest Showman
53:58 Thoroughbreds
55:00 Ready Player One
1:22:10 Jackson's Walking Dead Corner 1:22:10