Knives Out

Bored and Annoyed with Netflix (Part 2)

"In defense of Suzie…"

This week we finally get around to discussing “Dark”, so if you haven’t watched it make sure and do that before listening. We also talk about season 3 of another little Netflix show named “Stranger Things”. Enjoy!


0:02:12 Mortal Kombat casting
0:04:19 The Joker will piss off fans?
0:08:16 Stranger Things 3 breaks records
0:09:33 Spider-Man may not stay with Marvel...if Sony is stupid
0:13:59 Metallica Loves Children
0:14:48 The Lion King is grrrreat apparently

Trailer Time

0:17:44 Trailer Time (Jumanji 3, Mulan, Ad Astra, Maleficent 2, Knives Out)


0:34:30 Stranger Things 3
0:39:54 SPOILERS
0:57:23 Dark Season 1 and 2 (SPOILERS)