Masters of the Universe

The Endless

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This week we discuss a fantastic little indie film: "The Endless"

We also break down a couple of trailers, discuss some news (including "Avengers" killing it at the box office), and review a couple of other movies (Alex liked "The Greatest Showman" and Jackson doesn't ever want a nanny living in his house).

00:35 Ant-Man and Wasp Trailer 2
06:07 Robin Hood

12:20 Jamie Foxx Spawn Reboot
18:28 Infinity War Box Office Update
27:28 Movie Pass Back to Unlimited
28:38 He-Man Character and Plot Descriptions

34:13 The Endless (Spoiler Free)
40:38 The Endless (SPOILERS)
1:10:26 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
1:14:34 The Greatest Showman
1:19:09 License to Wed
1:20:21 Father of Light
1:22:25 (More) License to Wed

Westworld, Blockers, and Super Troopers 2

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This week we start off discussing James Cameron's negative comments regarding the popularity of the Marvel movies (we're obviously annoyed by this), The new (crappy looking) Venom trailer, and the upcoming "Masters of the Universe" film.

We also have a general discussion on "Westworld", and review the first episode of the second season.  We both saw different comedies ("Blockers" and "Super Troopers 2") this week, so we let each other know whether or not they're worth seeing.

00:39 James Cameron Avengers Comments
11:07 New Venom Trailer
22:02 Masters of the Universe Has Directors!

TV Review
28:00 Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 (SPOILERS for both this and season 1)

Movie Reviews
Blockers 44:46
Super Troopers 2 52:51