The Predator and Mandy


This week on B&A, we discuss a small amount of news, before jumping into stuff we watched this week. Jackson watched another Jack Ryan movie, Alex tried out another bad Marvel show, and they both watched “The Equalizer”. We then discuss the much maligned new Predator flick, and a wild new movie named “Mandy” starring Nic Cage (yep… Nic Cage).



0:00:35 “The Predator” Box Office
0:01:45 Cavill out as Superman?
0:05:58 First look at Joaquin Pheonix as Joker
0:10:11 “The Endless” directors cast Anthony Mackie
0:13:42 Lions and Packers Week 2


0:18:28 Space Cop
0:26:15 Cloak and Dagger
0:32:59 Ozark
0:35:17 Patriot Games
0:41:29 The Predator
0:52:00 SPOILERS
1:12:19 Mandy
1:14:57 SPOILERS

Operation Finale, The Little Stranger, and The Nun


This week kicks off with Jackson’s recap of the Lions performance on Monday Night Football before getting into a BUNCH of movie news/topics. We then discuss what we watched at home this week, and finish Alex’s three part review of “Transformers: The Last Knight”, before getting into the movie reviews for the week. We both saw, “The Nun”, and Jackson saw a couple extra movies.

How ‘bout Them Lions!

0:00:21 Football Recap: How 'Bout Them Lions Part 1


0:07:44 Oscars postpone "Best Popular Film"
0:10:52 Marvel crosses 4 billion at the BO this year
0:15:51 Captain Marvel first look
0:18:20 Henry Cavill joins Netflix's The Witcher
0:20:13 New “Halloween” trailer
0:22:43 “The Predator” sex offender problem
0:28:38 Marvel bringing more female superheroes to the big screen
0:36:29 Idris Elba blasted for representation comments


0:39:29 Sharp Objects
0:41:50 Ozark
0:43:06 The Hunt for Red October
0:48:21 “Iron Fist” Season 2
0:53:36 SPOILERS
0:59:10 Transformers: The Last Knight (THE END)
1:15:51 Operation Finale
1:20:20 The Little Stranger
1:25:57 The Nun



This week kicks off with Jackson discussing his experience at the "Metallica" show last night.  We then get into some movie news, and talk about the latest trailer for, "The Predator".  We then discuss some things we watched this week before getting into this week's featured movie: "Searching".


0:00:00 Intro/Jackson saw Metallica last night
0:09:39 Movie Pass board member quits
0:13:36 Top Gun 2 pushed back
0:18:36 Predator red band trailer
0:24:39 Rotten Tomatoes adds more critics


0:30:42 Transformers: The Last Knight (Part 2)
0:46:07 Jack Ryan
0:54:52 spoilers
1:05:16 The Runaways
1:10:51 Mr. Mercedes
1:13:40 Searching
1:25:50 Spoilers

Movie Pitches and In the Heart of the Sea

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This week we start with some sad news, as our favorite "Lois Lane" Margot Kidder has passed at the age of 69.  That leads us into a discussion on Man of Steel 2, and whether or not we think it's a good idea, we quickly touch on Solo, talk about the new trailer for "The Predator", and use a quick discussion on a new "Bill and Ted" film to segue into a fun little bit where we pitch long overdue sequels to memorable movies!

Our review this week is of Ron Howard's "In the Heart of the Sea". 

00:28 Margot Kidder Dead at 69
06:30 Man of Steel 2 Eyes 2020 Release
16:24 Solo Reviews Hit Rotten Tomatoes

18:01 The Predator Trailer

More News
21:25 Bill and Ted 3

Movie Pitches
24:48 Breakfast Club 2
31:25 They Live... AGAIN!
41:59 Face/Off Squared

Movie Review
49:44 In the Heart of the Sea