The Addams Family

Star Wars: The Rise of Fan Service

Jackson and Ian McDiarmid at “Star Wars Celebration”

Jackson and Ian McDiarmid at “Star Wars Celebration”

"I'll make you sound like a mouse"

This week on the show we discuss the trailer for the latest “Star Wars” movie, Jackson’s trip to “Star Wars Celebration” in Chicago, Alex’s first leg of the Marvel marathon in preparation for “Endgame,” Jackson’s “Nosferatu” kick, and a bunch of new trailers!


0:01:10 John Cho starring in Cowboy Bebop
0:04:00 Terminator "3" title
0:06:17 Hellboy failing
0:11:08 The Eternals gets some exciting casting
0:12:55 Black Widow gets more cast members
0:15:25 Disney+ Streaming News
0:18:54 Trailer Time: Lion King, Joker, The Addams Family, Wine Country

Shit We Watched

0:28:48 Schitt's Creek
0:30:23 Wolf Creek
0:33:53 Kim's Convenience Season 3
0:35:53 Jacob's Ladder
0:37:22 Alex's Quick Marvel Marathon part 1
1:00:48 Castle Freak
1:02:24 Nosferatu
1:04:11 Shadow of the Vampire
1:06:05 Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich
1:07:43 Hellraiser
1:09:13 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon


1:13:01 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker



Upgrade and Best F(r)iends Volume 2


OH Hai Guys!!!

This week begins with a box office recap (Solo is still getting killed).  We then get into a bit of news regarding Spawn and Wonder Woman and discuss a few trailers before getting into our reviews of both "Upgrade" (so good it's good) and the new Tommy Wiseau flick: "Best F(r)iends Volume 2" (so bad it's... good... maybe?)!


0:00:41 Box Office
0:06:15 Spawn Lands Jamie Foxx
0:11:48 Crow Reboot Loses Jason Mamoa and Director
0:15:11 Wonder Woman 84
0:17:56 Lego Movie 2 Trailer
0:19:39 Bumblebee Trailer
0:22:05 Addams Family Concept Art
0:22:56 The Americans Series Finale Review (No Spoilers)
0:25:51 Andrew Lincoln Leaving The Walking Dead


0:28:06 Upgrade Review
0:45:32 Upgrade SPOILERS
0:53:54 Best F(r)iends Volume 2 Review (Spoilers... but it doesn't matter)