The Hunt for Red October

A Star Is Born and Venom


This week on the show, we start with a bit of news regarding “Star Wars” and a new Stephen King adaptation before discussing a bunch of shit we watched, including two screeners we were sent from a couple of filmmakers.

We then review both “A Star Is Born” and “Venom”. Enjoy!


0:04:31 “The Mandalorian” TV show news
0:06:39 New “Pet Semetary” Pics

Shit We Watched

0:09:49 “The Man in the High Castle” Season 3 Ep 1
0:14:49 Hold the Dark
0:19:49 The Hunt for Red October
0:27:56 Camp Manna
0:43:37 Pappy's World


0:51:07 A Star Is Born
0:57:44 SPOILERS
1:14:10 Venom (SPOILERS)

* “Pappy’s World” will be screening in the following locations…

OCT 13: "UPSTATE NY HORROR FILM FESTIVAL" (Cinema Theater - Rochester, NY)

OCT 25: "S.O.S. Indie Horror Film Fest" (Wheelersburg Cinema - Wheelersburg, OH)

NOV. 4: "BUFFALO FANTASTIC DREAMS FESTIVAL" (Dipson Eastern Hills Cinema - Williamsville, NY)

If you’re in these areas be sure to support this short film!

Lou DeRosa - Pappy's World art.JPG

Operation Finale, The Little Stranger, and The Nun


This week kicks off with Jackson’s recap of the Lions performance on Monday Night Football before getting into a BUNCH of movie news/topics. We then discuss what we watched at home this week, and finish Alex’s three part review of “Transformers: The Last Knight”, before getting into the movie reviews for the week. We both saw, “The Nun”, and Jackson saw a couple extra movies.

How ‘bout Them Lions!

0:00:21 Football Recap: How 'Bout Them Lions Part 1


0:07:44 Oscars postpone "Best Popular Film"
0:10:52 Marvel crosses 4 billion at the BO this year
0:15:51 Captain Marvel first look
0:18:20 Henry Cavill joins Netflix's The Witcher
0:20:13 New “Halloween” trailer
0:22:43 “The Predator” sex offender problem
0:28:38 Marvel bringing more female superheroes to the big screen
0:36:29 Idris Elba blasted for representation comments


0:39:29 Sharp Objects
0:41:50 Ozark
0:43:06 The Hunt for Red October
0:48:21 “Iron Fist” Season 2
0:53:36 SPOILERS
0:59:10 Transformers: The Last Knight (THE END)
1:15:51 Operation Finale
1:20:20 The Little Stranger
1:25:57 The Nun