Tom and Jerry

Where does Marvel go from here?

"Idiocy and missed opportunities…”

This week, in the wake of Marvel’s insanely definitive “Endgame”, we discuss where the MCU can possibly go from here. We also discuss it’s huge box office success (1.2 BILLION DOLLARS!?), as well as news relating to the upcoming “Tom and Jerry” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” movies.

After the news, we spend a ton of time reviewing the big Game of Thrones episode (“The Long Night”). Are we being over dramatic? Let us know in the comments or on our social media pages!


0:00:59 Avengers demolishes box office records
0:07:15 Chloe Grace Moretz meets Tom and Jerry
0:08:26 Jim Carrey is Dr. Robotnik...I think?
0:09:50 Detective Pikachu getting good reactions
0:10:24 Trailer Time (21 Bridges, Anna)

Shit We Watched

0:19:23 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
0:22:38 Santa Clarita Diet
0:25:37 The Hills Have Eyes
0:28:21 Our Planet
0:32:33 The Witch
0:35:35 Game of Thrones: The Long Night (SPOILERS)


1:00:13 Where Does Marvel Go After Endgame?



Bad Times at the El Royale and First Man


This week on the show, there’s some big news on James Gunn’s new gig, some “feline-centric” films in the works, and we watched a few traiilers. We then get into some shit we watched this week, including a Blaxploitation parody and an old horror movie, before talking about “Bad Times at the El Royale” and “First Man”.


0:00:25 "Cats" live action
0:02:48 "Tom and Jerry" Film
0:05:09 "Iron Fist" Cancelled
0:10:33 James Gunn Suicide Squad 2
0:15:10 Pet Sematary
0:18:33 "Aladdin" trailer

Shit We Watched

0:22:30 The King
0:30:24 Maniac
0:38:00 Candyman
0:42:00 Black Dynamite


0:49:20 Bad Times at the El Royale
1:02:00 SPOILERS
1:11:42 First Man
1:18:36 SPOILERS