Where does "Fast and Furious" go after this?

"You make me die..."

This week we’re focusing on the “Fast & Furious” franchise, starting with a review of “Hobbs & Shaw”, before discussing what we would do with this property going forward. Enjoy!


0:01:44 Andy Serkis helming Venom 2
0:04:59 TFF loved The Joker
0:06:40 Alita sequel dead?
0:09:35 Taron Edgerton interested in the MCU
0:11:01 Kevin Conroy becoming CW's Batman
0:15:11 Hobbs and Shaw Box Office
0:16:18 Tyrese Gibson is upset again


0:27:04 Hobbs and Shaw
0:25:00 SPOILERS


0:47:54 Where does Fast and Furious go after this?

Shit We Watched





A Star Is Born and Venom


This week on the show, we start with a bit of news regarding “Star Wars” and a new Stephen King adaptation before discussing a bunch of shit we watched, including two screeners we were sent from a couple of filmmakers.

We then review both “A Star Is Born” and “Venom”. Enjoy!


0:04:31 “The Mandalorian” TV show news
0:06:39 New “Pet Semetary” Pics

Shit We Watched

0:09:49 “The Man in the High Castle” Season 3 Ep 1
0:14:49 Hold the Dark
0:19:49 The Hunt for Red October
0:27:56 Camp Manna
0:43:37 Pappy's World


0:51:07 A Star Is Born
0:57:44 SPOILERS
1:14:10 Venom (SPOILERS)

* “Pappy’s World” will be screening in the following locations…

OCT 13: "UPSTATE NY HORROR FILM FESTIVAL" (Cinema Theater - Rochester, NY)

OCT 25: "S.O.S. Indie Horror Film Fest" (Wheelersburg Cinema - Wheelersburg, OH)

NOV. 4: "BUFFALO FANTASTIC DREAMS FESTIVAL" (Dipson Eastern Hills Cinema - Williamsville, NY)

If you’re in these areas be sure to support this short film!

Lou DeRosa - Pappy's World art.JPG

White Boy Rick and The Transformers: The Movie (1986)


On this week’s episode, we’ve got Mitch from Homb’s new podcast “Drawn to Nostalgia” as a guest. We discuss some news regarding Venom, the extension of Kathleen Kennedy’s contract at Lucasfilm (Jackson’s thrilled….), and Fox Studios moving a bunch of release dates around.

We then get into the shit we watched this week, which includes a real gem watched by Jackson, a throwback discussion on Cameron’s “True Lies”, and Alex’s thoughts on “The Man in the High Castle” ahead of the release of season 3 on Friday.

Our featured reviews this week are “White Boy Rick” and the FANTASTICALLY 80s, “The Transformers: The Movie” from 1986.


0:01:51 Venom reviews unreleased
0:04:00 Venom cut 30-40 minutes
0:06:19 Morbius to be Leto's new Joker
0:09:11 Kathleen Kennedy 3 year contract
0:17:04 Toy Story 4 "Most emotional"
0:22:24 Fox Studios Extravaganza

Shit We Watched

0:32:39 Bone Tomahawk
0:38:49 The Man in the High Castle (SPOILERS)
0:52:37 True Lies


0:57:13 White Boy Rick (Spoilers)
1:06:19 The Transformers (1986)

Sorry to Bother You, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, and Christopher Robin


We kick this week off sharing our thoughts on the big news regarding "MoviePass", discuss some casting news, and talk about a trailer, before getting into the movie reviews this week.  We end the week discussing "Sorry to Bother You", "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies", and "Christopher Robin".


0:01:30 MoviePass fiasco
0:12:38 Chris Rock starring in Fargo Season 4
0:14:15 Marc Maron possibly joining Joker
0:15:32 Supergirl movie in the works
0:17:03 Venom trailer
0:20:04 Renner turned down M:I 6


0:23:21 Unsane
0:26:30 Hostiles
0:30:29 Room
0:34:03 The End of the Tour
0:39:09 Sorry to Bother You
0:49:59 Teen Titans Go to the Movies
0:56:15 Christopher Robin

Skyscraper, Three Identical Strangers, and Leave No Trace


On this week's episode, we discuss a bunch of comic book news, as well as some controversy involving Scarlett Johansson backing out of an acting role.  We then get into the reviews, where Jackson watched two Halloween movies, "Skyscraper", and "Three Identical Strangers", and we both saw "Leave No Trace".


0:01:14 Billy Dee Williams joining Episode IX
0:06:14 Venom Seperate from MCU
0:09:39 "Zombieland" sequel official
0:11:52 "Robocop Returns" is coming
0:16:16 Joker Origin Movie officially announced
0:16:45 Black Widow movie finds director
0:18:28 Jeremy Renner joins Spawn
0:21:30 Scarlett Johanssen drops trans role
0:33:49 Box Office Review


0:35:53 "Skyscraper" Spoiler Free
0:45:15 "Three Identical Strangers" Spoiler Free
0:48:16 "Halloween H2O" and "Halloween Resurrection"
0:55:52 "Leave No Trace" Spoiler Free
1:03:29 SPOILERS